Helping Women Calmly, Effectively & Joyfully Navigate Life’s Stages & Transitions

Graduations * Moving * Marriage * Fertility/Conception * Motherhood * Working Women * Career Transitions * Retirement


While life transitions are often filled with a lot of joy and excitement, it is natural for these life stages/events to also come with increased stress, feelings of overwhelm and even dread. While these feelings are common, they are typically less spoken about with friends and family and can leave women with feelings of confusion, low self-esteem, isolation, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness.


Through individual therapy, group workshops and events, The LESSANS FOR WOMEN initiative focuses on providing tangible and realistic "lessons" to help women calmly, effectively and more joyfully navigate the unique challenges presented at each of life’s transitions and stages.


We specifically focus on ways to: 

  • More effectively balance work and family

  • Reduce worries

  • Conquer negative self-defeating beliefs

  • Improve self-esteem

  • Feel less overwhelmed and more in control

  • Respond from a proactive position, rather than a reactive position

  • Communicate more effectively with loved ones

  • Create goals and achieve them through strategies and accountability

  • Improve Sleep


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