With the many time demands and commitments in our lives, finding time to regularly come into a therapy office can be challenging. Dr. Lessans offers the possibility of online therapy for interested clients. Clients enjoy the flexibility of the location and timing of therapy, making therapy more accessible in their daily lives. Due to the specific needs of each client, a consult must take place before online therapy can be approved.  Please click the link below to schedule your FREE consultation.



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New York City

141 E 55th Street

between 3rd and Lexington

Long Island

1025 Northern Blvd., Suite 95, Roslyn, NY 11576

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Tel: (917) 817-4004



Please be advised that this is not an instant form of communication with Dr. Lessans. This electronic form is not a confidential means of communication and should not be used to share sensitive and private information.  If this is a psychiatric emergency, do not use this form and call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.