Feeling sad and uninterested in things you used to enjoy? Having difficulty sleeping or eating? Wishing you could focus and concentrate more? Having excessive feelings of guilt and worthlessness? Having thoughts about death?


We all experience sadness and feeling down from time to time. However, if this feeling lasts for a significant period of time and interferes with your ability to fulfill daily responsibilities, you may be experiencing depression. In my work with clients, we focus on ways to reduce these symptoms, while also addressing the underlying thoughts, feelings, and experiences that may be contributing to these symptoms.


We work to help you feel lighter, happier and live a life aligned with how you want to be living it.

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Please be advised that this is not an instant form of communication with Dr. Lessans. This electronic form is not a confidential means of communication and should not be used to share sensitive and private information.  If this is a psychiatric emergency, do not use this form and call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.