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Do you feel that you aren’t accomplishing all that you want to? Feeling constantly overwhelmed and in “survival” mode? Research shows that stress can impact our lives in so many different ways—from our physical health to our ability to concentrate and motivate, to how we interact in our interpersonal relationships. In my work with clients, I provide tangible strategies and support to actively lighten the stress in your life.  

  • Learn and develop relaxation and coping skills

  • Utilize time management strategies 

  • Identify and pursue realistic goals 



In today’s society and economy, many people spend a large proportion of their time either at work or thinking about work,-related concerns. With modern technology giving us the luxury (and sometimes curse!) of working from anywhere, setting boundaries between work and home can be increasingly difficult. Work stress may impact other areas of your life as well, including self-esteem, relationships, motivation, and ability to fulfill responsibilities. In my work with clients, I address areas of concern including:

  • Work-Life Balance

  • Managing Expectations & Setting Realistic Goals

  • Public Speaking Anxiety

  • Communication Difficulties

The goal is to feel lighter in your working role and have work align with how you want it to be.



Whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student or looking to go back to school, being a student is challenging and naturally stressful. Keeping up with required assignments, being regularly evaluated and learning an abundance of new information can become very overwhelming. We know that stress and anxiety can impact the ability to memorize and recall information, which can lead to further academic difficulties. In therapy, I work with students on:

  • Time management

  • Test-taking Anxiety

  • Procrastination

  • Perfectionism

  • Difficulty with Focus and Attention

  • ADHD

Goals of treatment include improving effectiveness and efficiency with learning, studying and test-taking to be the student you want to be.

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