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Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Lessans is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with a focus on anxiety, depression, stress management, and relationship concerns. She is a graduate of Cornell University and received her doctorate from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University where she focused her training on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy.  


She completed her post-doctoral fellowship at New York University Counseling and Wellness Services. Throughout graduate school, Dr. Lessans focused her doctoral research on the unique challenges of women balancing work and family.


This continues to be an area of focus for Dr. Lessans as she strives to help women live the life they desire by reducing symptoms, decreasing stress, and increasing balance and joy in their lives.


Dr. Lessans takes a warm, collaborative, interactive approach to her work with clients, providing education, support, skills, coping strategies and a safe place to be heard. She truly values getting to know and understand you and being in your corner every step of the way. 

Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist


From Jamie Sall's years of experience working with children with language based learning differences, Jamie knows that all children can succeed when given the right tools. As a clinician, Jamie uses a CBT-informed approach to provide skills and strategies to help clients thrive. Her therapeutic style is welcoming, warm, and supportive.

Prior to entering the therapeutic space, Jamie was an elementary school educator at a prestigious New York City private school devoted to children with learning differences. Jamie decided to leave the classroom due to her belief that one must meet the social emotional needs of a child in order to obtain success. She received her Masters in Social Work from New York University. This is where Jamie honed her skills in working with children, families, services providers, and the education system. Jamie Sall's social work background coupled with her experience as an educator has given her invaluable insight when partnering with children and families.


"With Jamie, working with children is not a one-size-fits-all approach."

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Dr. Jamie Eiseman is a New York State licensed psychologist and a New York State certified school psychologist. She earned her Master’s degree in school psychology at CUNY Brooklyn
and her Doctorate in Psychology at Fairleigh Dickinson University.


Dr. Eiseman has been working as a school psychologist for 15 years and though a lot of her work has focused on
working with children, it has also involved working with the adults in their lives who help them navigate their development. In doing so, she found a love for collaborating with adults and
learning their stories. She enjoys learning about all people and how they perceive the world, and feels fortunate to help support the growth of each individual every time a therapeutic
relationship is established.
In private practice, Dr. Eiseman works with children of all school ages as well as with individual adult clients. Over the course of a therapeutic relationship, she works with the client to explore
patterns of behavior, thinking traps, negative self-talk and other components of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that might be impeding the ability to develop and sustain meaningful
relationships. Therapy also focuses on how a client’s automatic thoughts impact feelings and behaviors, and whether they are helping to achieve the client’s goals. As part of her work with
clients, Dr. Eiseman develops a collaborative and supportive relationship with through empathy, skill teaching and a bit of humor.

Erica Adler, LCSW
Women's Issues & Eating Disorder Specialist

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Erica Adler, LCSW is a passionate, thoughtful and dedicated therapist who has an undergraduate degree in social services from Skidmore College and a graduate degree from Fordham University School of Social Services. 


Erica has an extensive amount of experience in treating those struggling with eating disorders, body image issues, stress and anxiety, shame and guilt, depression, relationship problems, parent coaching, new motherhood, and life and career transitions. 


Previously, Erica worked as an outpatient therapist in individual, family, couples and group settings, including an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) specific to adolescents and adults struggling with eating disorders. Erica also has a vast amount of experience working in psychiatric departments of both Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut.

Lexi Katz
Executive Functioning Skills Trainer

Lexi Katz is currently attending New York University where she is a Master’s in Social Work student. After graduating from Bucknell University with a BA in psychology, she worked as a psychosocial teacher at a New York City private school and helped children develop social-emotional and executive functioning skills in the classroom. Lexi has extensive experience working with children at summer camp, and various internship opportunities throughout her undergraduate years. Her devotion to supporting children in reaching their goals, coupled with her sense of humor and warmth, allow her to build strong connections and boost self-confidence in the children she works with.

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